Founded in 2009, Vajram group emerges as the avant-garde Bengaluru-centric Real Estate Enterprise. Our fervent dedication lies in crafting pragmatic, user-centric, ecologically viable spaces utilizing premier materials and engineering prowess.

Entrenched deeply within the construction realm, our legacy entails delivering top-notch residential and commercial ventures rooted in intrinsic values from inception to fruition. Upholding the steadfast belief that ‘only superior quality and ingenious design withstands the temporal trials,’ we persevere in catering to a plethora of contented clientele.

This relentless drive to revolutionize the landscape of residential and commercial domains amidst a sea of uninspired concepts propels Vajram’s aspiration to erect premium properties boasting visionary designs that unmistakably grace any urban horizon. Our unwavering pursuit of embracing cutting-edge engineering methodologies, meticulous attention to timely project delivery, identification of prime land parcels in burgeoning zones, and relentless adherence to impeccable business ethics have earned us accolades as a premier luminary in the sector, as attested by our esteemed patrons.

Since our inception, we have embarked on the development of residential and commercial ventures across diverse strategic locales within Bengaluru. Having successfully delivered approximately 3 million square feet, we are poised to unveil another 5 million square feet by 2025.

Our steadfast commitment lies in justifying our customers’ investments while steadfastly adhering to uncompromising standards of product design, quality, and delivery, thereby fostering transparency across all facets of our operations. As we gaze into the horizon, our resolve remains resolute in sculpting superior living environments where individuals can thrive, coexist harmoniously, and revel in the splendors of life.

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